Help with property rentals

welcome to Fuerteventura!

We are a people who can take care of your rental house or apartment ready for tourists

If you are not staying on the island and would like someone to take care of your property, we are the best people to contact for it.

Professionalism Guarantee

Leave in good hands all the management of your apartment and enjoy your free time.

What I Do



Cleaning & Laundry

Your accommodation always ready for the next reservation thanks to our laundry and cleaning service.


Chech In/Out

We assist the guest on arrival and departure with turnkey delivery, ensuring that the property is in perfect condition.


Booking management

We look for guests and manage reservations through „Booking, Airbnb” and other platforms


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Ozone treatment is ideal whenever a higher microbiological purity is required in the immediate vicinity of the human being and the obtaining of an environment free of unpleasant odors and pathogens that endanger health.

Ozonization is an excellent and ecological method that will not only disinfect the house or apartment in which you are staying, but will also allow you to get rid of unpleasant odors from your environment. Ozonization is a safe method and its main advantage is the physical elimination of odors, instead of masking them.

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