We are a people who can take care of your rental house or apartment ready for tourists

If you are not staying on the island and would like someone to take care of your property, we are the best people to contact for it.

My Expertise


Booking Management

We look for guests and manage reservations through „Booking, Airbnb” and other platforms.


Check in/out

We assist the guest on arrival and departure with turnkey delivery, ensuring that the property is in perfect condition.


Cleaning and Laundry

Your accommodation always ready for the next reservation thanks to our laundry and cleaning service.


Minor repairs and renovations

We offer a quick management of any incidents that may arise in the property and and additional work such as painting, furniture assembly and others.


Ozone effectively and permanently removes unpleasant and unpleasant odors: tobacco smoke, mold and fungus, burns (for example, after fires), urine and feces, as well as those caused by rotting and organic decomposition processes. After ozonation, the air smells fresh, clean, healthy, and free of harmful microbes. Find Out More

Need a Custom Work?